Over 100 individuals have lost their lives following a massive landslide that struck a secluded village in Papua New Guinea, as reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

The landslide wreaked havoc on Kaokalam Village in Enga Province, situated approximately 600 kilometers northwest of Port Moresby, at 3:00 am. Residents claim that the death toll exceeds 100, although this figure has not been officially confirmed yet.

Elizabeth Laruma, the president of the Porgera Women in Business Association, conveyed that the houses were flattened when a section of a nearby mountain collapsed. She expressed, 'It occurred while people were still asleep in the early hours, and the entire village has been engulfed. My estimation is that over 100 people are buried beneath the earth.'

There is uncertainty regarding whether emergency services have reached the remote area. Ninga Role, a resident of Kaokalam currently attending university in Madang, learned about the devastation this morning. He indicated that by his calculations, at least four of his relatives perished in the landslide.

Footage shared on social media depicts villagers navigating through immense rocks and extracting bodies from the debris and beneath trees. The landslide has also obstructed access to the road leading to Porgera town, where a significant gold mine is situated.

Laruma expressed concerns about the community's access to essential goods and services. She remarked, 'The closure of this road – and the unknown duration – will significantly impact the local residents in terms of supplies, fuel, and services.' Additionally, she urged the Papua New Guinea government and NGOs to promptly deliver assistance to the area.