Britain's first Black woman lawmaker, Diane Abbott, revealed that she had been blocked from standing as a Labour candidate in the upcoming election on July 4th. Her suspension over a year ago, due to comments related to Jews and racism, led to this exclusion.

Abbott, the longest serving Black member of parliament, has focused on addressing issues such as racism, poverty, and international affairs in her north east London district since her election to parliament in 1987. She had been a strong advocate for these causes and had close ties to Jeremy Corbyn, the former party leader.

Corbyn's tenure from 2015 to 2020 was marked by the party being accused of discriminatory behavior and harassment towards Jews. Keir Starmer, who succeeded Corbyn and is likely to become the next prime minister, has actively worked towards removing left-wing members from the party and addressing allegations of antisemitism.

Despite having her parliamentary membership reinstated, Abbott expressed her disappointment at being disqualified as a Labour candidate, following her suspension last year. This suspension stemmed from a letter she sent to the Observer newspaper, in which she compared the prejudice faced by Jewish people to racism, albeit noting the differences.

Corbyn, who also faced a prohibition from running as a Labour candidate, had downplayed the issue of antisemitism within the party for political gain, leading to his independent candidacy. The party's mishandling of antisemitism had prompted an investigation by the equalities watchdog, exposing serious deficiencies in addressing this matter.

Various supporters and opposition figures condemned the decision to bar Abbott from running, asserting that she had been unfairly treated by the party. Concerns were raised about the differential treatment towards Abbott compared to other MPs, as well as its broader implications for the African Caribbean community. Throughout her parliamentary career, Abbott has been subjected to significant levels of online racist and sexist abuse, reflecting the ongoing challenges she faces.