Nepal's Dipendra Singh Airee, also known as 'The Tiger', is a 24-year-old police officer aspiring to utilize his exceptional batting skills to elevate his country's performance at the T20 World Cup.

Last September, Nepal achieved a monumental victory over Mongolia, winning by a staggering 273 runs, marking the most significant margin of victory in all T20 matches. Airee's remarkable contribution to this triumph included achieving the fastest T20 fifty in just nine balls. He astonishingly hit six consecutive sixes on the first six balls he faced, surpassing the previous record of a 12-ball fifty. Additionally, in April, during a match against Qatar, he became only the third player to hit six sixes in a single over in a T20 international.

Not only is he recognized for his batting prowess, but Airee has also demonstrated exceptional fielding abilities, executing sensational catches and spectacular run outs. He is determined to showcase a stellar performance that would make his Himalayan nation proud. Speaking to Nepal's Kantipur Television, Airee expressed his commitment to contributing to the team's success, driven by the support and motivation he receives from everyone, particularly being referred to as 'The Tiger', which further fuels his determination to give his utmost effort.

Despite Nepal's current low ranking of 17th in the ICC rankings, Dipendra Chaudhary, Nepal's chief selector, emphasized Airee's potential to make a significant impact. Chaudhary highlighted Airee's exceptional off-spin bowling, outstanding fitness, strong work ethic, and team spirit, projecting him to be regarded as one of Nepal's finest players in history.

Airee, reflecting on his journey to the World Cup, expressed immense joy and pride, recalling how he watched the previous tournament from Nepal and was deeply moved upon their qualification. Chaudhary described Airee as a naturally humble and introverted individual who devotes most of his time to his craft, characterized by his modesty and ethical approach to his work.

The T20 World Cup, co-hosted by the United States and West Indies, commences on Saturday, with Nepal scheduled to play their first game on June 4 in Dallas. Despite acknowledging the superior capability of other teams, Chaudhary expressed optimism for compelling matches and a commendable performance at the tournament.

Nepal's preparations were overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Sandeep Lamichhane, a prominent figure in Nepalese cricket. Initially excluded from the squad due to legal issues, Lamichhane's potential inclusion stirred debate after his conviction for rape was overturned on appeal. Nepal's upcoming matches in the United States and the West Indies mark pivotal moments in their quest to foster goodwill in international cricket and secure opportunities to compete on the global stage.