Adam Wingard, the director of Legendary's recent blockbuster Godzilla x Kong, will not be returning for the sequel. Wingard, who directed and co-wrote the film, has decided to step away from the franchise due to timing issues and his eagerness to pursue other creative ventures, as confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

The decision to part ways with Wingard was amicable, with insiders suggesting the possibility of a future return. Despite expressing his desire to explore new storytelling avenues during the press tour for Godzilla x Kong, Wingard's aspirations didn't align with Legendary's plans to swiftly move forward with another monster movie.

Legendary has already begun developing a new script for the sequel, with writer Dave Callaham, known for his work on Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. With Wingard's departure, the studio faces the challenge of charting a new course for the MonsterVerse franchise. It remains uncertain if they will continue exploring concepts introduced by Wingard, such as the Hollow Earth and characters like Dan Stevens' adventurous vet.

Despite leaving the franchise on a high note, with Godzilla x Kong set to become the highest-grossing film in the MonsterVerse series, Wingard's contribution to the MonsterVerse began with Godzilla vs Kong, released during the Covid-19 pandemic. The film overcame challenges and achieved significant box office success, being praised as one of the movies credited for 'saving cinema' during tumultuous times.

As Wingard ventures into new creative horizons, Legendary embarks on a new chapter for its monster franchise, promising fans an exciting journey ahead, albeit without the visionary director at its helm.