Coach Dorival Jr emphasized the importance of focusing on fundamentals and progressing gradually, following Brazil's advancement to the Copa America quarterfinals after a 1-1 draw with Colombia on Tuesday. Dorival, who assumed his role in January and had only led four matches prior to the Copa America, guided his team to the quarterfinals as Group D runners-up with five points from three games. Despite being nine-time champions and having a 0-0 draw with Costa Rica in their first match, Brazil could have had a more dominant group stage performance if they had been more decisive.

Dorival highlighted the necessity of a step-by-step approach, stating, "It's a process, nobody skips stages, you don't get from A to F without going through B." He acknowledged the team's mixed performances, including a strong 4-1 win against Paraguay and a less impressive showing against Colombia, and expressed hope for continued growth in basic skills. "The results will show us mistakes, successes, and flaws," he said, noting the natural fluctuations in team development.

Brazil faces Uruguay in a highly anticipated match on Sunday, but will be without winger Vinicius Jr, who received his second yellow card of the group stage for a foul on James Rodriguez. Dorival acknowledged the challenge of playing without key players, referencing the long-term absence of Neymar, and stressed the need for other players to step up. "We will have a difficult game against Uruguay," he predicted.

Despite entering the match against Brazil as favorites due to a 25-game unbeaten streak, Colombia's coach Nestor Lorenzo expressed satisfaction with his team's performance, even though they did not win. "We know that we are in a good moment as a team and we know that we are growing. But it's not easy," he said, praising Brazil's strong lineup and his team's overall effort against a formidable opponent.