Drake is famous for his daring bets and has no qualms about supporting them with significant financial stakes. Ahead of the Copa America semifinal clash between Canada and Argentina on Tuesday, the Canadian hip-hop artist made a substantial wager. He placed a bet of $300,000 on Canada to triumph over Lionel Messi and the reigning world champions. Given Argentina's formidable reputation and their previous 2-0 win against Canada in the group stages, this gamble could have yielded a whopping $2.88 million if Canada had pulled off an upset. This marks Canada's first appearance in the Copa America, ranked 11th among the 16 participating teams. Nonetheless, they progressed to the knockout rounds by accumulating four points in Group A and then defeating Venezuela in a penalty shootout, leading to a reencounter with Argentina. However, history repeated itself as Argentina defeated Canada 2-0, securing their place in the Copa America finals. Fans were swift to reference the 'Drake Curse,' a phenomenon where teams and athletes tend to lose after Drake places bets on them. Judging by events in 2024, this superstition appears to carry some truth, and with the recent outcome, the curse seems to persist.