Rajesh and Rama Soni, a Dubai-based couple in their fifties and vegetarians, were undeterred by concerns of age or food scarcity as they set out on their grand adventure. Over 83 days, they traversed 17 countries by road, enduring temperatures from minus 5 to 35 degrees, sampling diverse cuisines, and immersing themselves in various cultures and encounters, culminating in their arrival in London, where they were warmly welcomed by both their sons.

Their journey began with shipping their Nissan Extrem to Mumbai, from where they started in Hyderabad. After nine days in India, they ventured into Nepal, Tibet, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Central Asia before entering Europe. They navigated through several European countries to finally reach London, using ferries to cross water bodies where necessary. Rajesh Soni, co-Founder of Blue Chip Real Estate, noted, "People welcomed us everywhere, and we had meaningful conversations with NGOs and others about the significance of education."

Rajesh, an avid cyclist, and Rama, who maintains her daily walks, emphasize the importance of fitness for such a journey at their age. Their decision to travel this route was inspired by a couple they met in Turkey, who had been traveling for a year and a half. In August last year, they planned their trip, aiming to discuss the importance of education in various settlements. Despite being vegetarians, they found suitable food options in every country and were flexible with their dietary choices.

The couple refrained from shopping during their trip, instead capturing memories through their phone cameras. Rama fondly recalls a moment in Russia where a local couple invited them to their home, insisting on hosting them for dinner and breakfast the next day. Reflecting on the trip, Rajesh remarked, "We found kindness everywhere. Whenever we needed help, it was provided, which is a reassuring feeling for travelers."

Rama added, "As you age, it's important to pursue your hobbies. With children grown and leading their own lives, it's time to live a bit for yourself. There's no age limit to living well." Their next adventure is planned for either Australia and New Zealand or Africa.