The Dubai Court has imposed a three-month prison sentence on two Pakistani workers, followed by deportation, for assaulting a colleague. Court records indicate that the assault took place at approximately 1am on February 3, 2024, in a shared living space within a labor accommodation. The defendants, who shared the room with the victim, had planned the attack. The first accused displayed a knife to intimidate the victim, while the second accused proceeded with a sexual assault under the threat's coercion. A fellow occupant, roused by the victim's pleas for help, intervened and led to the arrest of the assailants. Prosecutors provided substantial evidence to the court, including eyewitness accounts and forensic reports that implicated the second accused in the crime. During their initial appearance at the Dubai Criminal Court on April 22, both defendants refuted the charges of threatening and sexually assaulting the victim. Nonetheless, the court deemed the witness testimonies and forensic evidence reliable and consistent. The judges highlighted the coordinated nature of the crime and the use of a weapon, emphasizing the gravity of the assault. Consequently, the court sentenced both defendants to three months in prison, commencing on May 13, 2024, and mandated their deportation upon completion of their sentences.