To maintain the nation's freedom from the menace of illegal drugs, Dubai Customs reported 1,273 interceptions at land, sea, and air frontiers, employing drones and other cutting-edge technologies that reduce inspection time from six hours to just five minutes. On Sunday, the authority detailed that among the confiscated substances were tramadol tablets, Captagon, opium, heroin, cannabis seeds, marijuana, controlled narcotics, and more. Rashid Al-Dhabbah Al-Suwaidi, the acting director of Sea Customs Management, disclosed that the total seizure reports from the previous year reached 3,735, with 1,273 being drug-related. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Suwaidi, the senior manager of intelligence operations at Dubai Customs, mentioned that they assisted an Asian nation in seizing approximately 700 kilograms of 'Methamphetamine' powder, valued at around $310 million, which was hidden within a cargo ship. This marked the second-largest drug seizure in that country's history. Adel Al Suwaidi, the director of the Technical Support Department at Dubai Customs, explained that they utilize a comprehensive array of procedures and technologies to thwart all smuggling attempts, beginning with the “early warning” technology embodied by the Smart Risk Engine to preemptively identify suspicious shipments, through to inspection operations where various methods such as manual inspection, X-ray scanning, or K9 sniffer dogs are employed. “Dubai Customs has installed a pioneering advanced system at the Jebel Ali and Tecom Customs Center for inspecting heavy and light vehicles, equipment, and yachts via X-ray scanning. This system enables the center to double its inspection capacity and expedite procedures, facilitating the smooth operation of business and trade and reinforcing Jebel Ali Port's status as the largest port in the Middle East and one of the most significant globally, as it reduces inspection time from roughly six hours manually to just five minutes,” he stated. The Siyaj System is a smart and integrated security system designed to oversee customs ports in Dubai. It incorporates several modern technologies like AI, binocular technique, drones, eco-friendly electric cars, and specialized devices for detecting contraband and hazardous materials. It operates on rapid intervention teams working 24/7, drones, and the K9 dog unit section that supports targeting and field inspection operations within the Customs campus. It integrates several interconnected units such as advanced technological systems, a centralized database updated periodically, examination and inspection devices, high-quality cameras covering all areas of the customs campus, sensors, and radars to monitor the movement of goods for analysis and suspicion, and a boat equipped with advanced systems capable of monitoring ships' entry into the ports as a preventive measure to report any potential risks. In a significant operation dubbed “Cockpit”, Dubai Customs successfully prevented the smuggling of 234.68 kilograms of hashish into the UAE. Dubai Customs explained that a dhow (wooden ship) arriving at the Creek Customs Center and Deira Port was under suspicion. The ship underwent a meticulous inspection process where “endoscope” technology was utilized. An endoscope is a device intended for inspecting confined spaces and can provide high-quality images in the dark to detect prohibited items. During the inspection, narcotic drugs were discovered concealed in a new and professional manner inside the ship's cockpit.