Dubai has relaxed regulations for divorced parents who wish to travel abroad with their children. The updated process, revealed by Dubai Courts on Thursday, permanently lifts a travel prohibition upon the sponsor's consent. This facilitates smoother entry and exit for the parent and child from the UAE. The authority stated on Thursday, “This process expedites the cancellation of the travel ban in the system immediately after the judge's signature.” Salem Mohammed Al Misfri, the head of the Personal Status Execution Department at Dubai Courts, noted that the previous procedure was lengthy, requiring a judge's decision post-sponsor approval, followed by a letter to the Criminal Investigation Department to temporarily lift the ban. The official UAE government portal website states that custody is typically awarded to mothers in divorce cases, with fathers acting as 'guardians' responsible for financial support. Previously, leaving the country with the child without the other parent's permission could be considered 'child abduction', with serious legal repercussions for the abducting parent. Concerns from either parent could lead to a travel ban preventing the child from leaving the airport.