A Dubai mother has raised concerns about WhatsApp groups that are adding students without their consent. Farrah, a British expat, discovered that her 14-year-old son had been added to a group with over 1,000 notifications, containing inappropriate and concerning content.

The group chat included insults, bullying, and discussions about meeting in person. Some members used it for anonymous confessions, while others even attempted to sell items. The group admin was seen trying to provoke and gather personal information from the students, which alarmed Farrah.

After discussing the issue with the mother of her son's classmate who added him to the group, both mothers took steps to ensure their children left the group. This incident reflects a wider issue of young people being exposed to inappropriate content on social media, as highlighted by previous complaints about similar platforms.

Concerns have been consistently raised by educators and experts regarding the dangers of young individuals engaging with strangers over social media. Recently, a Dubai school warned against the 'Monkey' app due to its potential risks related to connecting with strangers through video. The advisory emphasized the importance of parents establishing open communication with their children and monitoring their online activities to mitigate these risks.