Authorities have declared that neglected vehicles at nine registration and testing centers in the Emirate will be seized if their owners do not remove them promptly. The Dubai Municipality has sent out 68 vehicle clearance alerts, 38 posters, and 30 text messages to owners whose vehicles have been left unused for an extended period in the parking lots and courtyards of these centers.

The campaign focuses on vehicles abandoned at Warsan, Qusais, Shamil Muhaisnah, Wasel Nadd Al Hammar, Tamam, Al Awir Motor Show, Al Barsha, Al Mumayaz, and Wasel Al Jadaf centers. The municipal body reported a 95% response rate, effectively managing the situation.

Upon identifying a neglected vehicle, authorities initially issue a warning, the duration of which can range from three to 15 days, contingent on the vehicle's location and condition. For Dubai-registered vehicles, an SMS is dispatched to the owner. If the vehicle remains uncleared after the notice period, it is transported to the impoundment yard in the Al Awir area. Prior to auction, the owner can reclaim it by contacting the municipality.

Saeed Safar, the director of the Waste Operations Department at Dubai Municipality, mentioned that a monitoring team was established last month to track down neglected vehicles and equipment, including light and heavy vehicles, locomotives, trailers, and boats. This team comprises members from the Roads and Transport Authority and a company responsible for the seizure of abandoned vehicles.

The municipality has advised residents to secure a suitable parking spot for their vehicles, particularly if they plan to travel.