Dubai has been recognized as the world's most picturesque city to explore after dark, securing the top position among global destinations famous for their night time allure. A recent study by Travelbag, a company known for crafting personalized long-haul travel experiences since 1979, has named Dubai the world's most picturesque city by night. The study evaluated various factors such as Instagram hashtags, light and noise pollution levels, and safety ratings for walking alone at night in 136 cities worldwide. Dubai stands out as a leading long-haul destination for its breathtaking night views, with the #dubaiatnight Instagram hashtag boasting over 27,387 tags, illustrating the city's enchanting evenings. Tourists like Fozil Rakhimov, an Uzbek visitor, have been captivated by Dubai's night time transformation, describing Sheikh Zayed Road as a glowing corridor and the Marina waterfront as a spectacle of lights. Safety is another strong point for Dubai, ranking fourth globally with a safety score of 83.4 out of 100, thanks to its well-developed infrastructure and strict law enforcement. Travelbag highlights that Dubai's combination of safety and ambiance makes it a prime destination for night exploration. Tourists and residents alike have shared their awe of Dubai's night beauty on social media, with posts from Instagram users like Regines Blog and Kevin Kelly showcasing the city's vibrant night scenes.