The Dubai Police have recognized 22 'ideal' drivers within their ranks for maintaining a spotless record of no traffic violations or accidents over the past three years. These drivers were celebrated under the 'Safe Driving Stars' program, which has enabled the police to save Dh24 million through 'government expenditure rationalisation'. Colonel Samira Abdullah Al Ali, the director of the Insurance Department at the General Administration of Transport and Rescue, stated: 'The initiative has led to a 40% reduction in traffic accidents involving force vehicles, also cutting the average response time to various emergencies to just two and a half minutes.' Overall, the program plans to honor more than 100 individuals—including civilians—in three categories for their safe driving practices. Its goal is to encourage drivers to comply with traffic laws to boost performance and increase road safety. Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Excellence and Pioneering Affairs, highlighted: 'The Safe Driving Stars initiative is pivotal in fostering a culture of traffic safety and responsible driving, aiming to educate drivers on optimal traffic practices and reduce accidents.'