The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has recently carried out a comprehensive inspection campaign across 698 developer sites and free zones within the Emirate. The primary goal of this initiative was to oversee the use of the right-of-way, enforce adherence to regulations, and ensure the safety of all road users as well as compliance with standards in both development and free zones. This campaign, which commenced at the beginning of the year, involved the inspection of all free zones and 57 development areas under the management of 24 developers in Dubai. The RTA's aim through this rigorous inspection is to uphold Dubai's civilized and aesthetically pleasing appearance, and to guarantee the sustainability of the operational conditions of roads, facilities, and pavements in these zones. The focus was particularly on facilitating smooth and safe pedestrian movement and preventing any obstructions that could affect motorists in these areas.

Basil Ibrahim Saad, the Director of Right-Of-Way at the Traffic and Roads Agency of RTA, mentioned that these inspection visits and campaigns are part of an annual plan and are conducted in response to public complaints and feedback. They are mandated by Law No. 4 of 2021, which outlines the road regulations in Dubai. Saad also noted, 'We have collaborated with developers and free zone entities, sharing the outcomes of these inspections to enable them to implement necessary corrective measures. In cases of non-compliance, RTA will enforce appropriate legal actions against offenders.' The inspection teams were particularly vigilant in monitoring abandoned barriers and construction debris at developer sites, verifying the compliance of project fences with approved specifications, ensuring the readiness of pedestrian pathways and crossings, and reviewing billboards within developer areas. They also tackled issues like haphazard parking of scooters, illegal use of the right-of-way for vehicle refuelling, vegetation affecting road user safety, placement of groundwater equipment on the right-of-way, and identifying road and facility damage caused by rainwater.

RTA has strongly encouraged development entities and free zones to adhere to the rules and conditions for using the right-of-way and to comply with Dubai's standards and specifications to ensure the safety of road users and maintain smooth traffic flow throughout the Emirate.