For numerous families in Dubai, the 3-day super sale has arrived at an opportune moment, with the upcoming Islamic festival Eid Al Adha prompting costly shopping endeavors. Interviews with residents revealed that they typically allocate around Dh4,000 for festival-related purchases, including new attire, accompanying accessories, and home renovations.

Scheduled to take place from May 31 to June 2, the super sale will feature discounts of up to 90 percent on more than 500 global brands across over 2,000 outlets in Dubai. According to astronomical calculations, it is anticipated that Dhul Hijjah 1 will likely fall on Saturday, June 8. Consequently, Arafah Day is projected to be on Sunday, June 16 (Dhul Hijjah 9), with Eid Al Adha expected to occur on Monday, June 17.

For British expat Grant Randall and his Moroccan wife Sophia, Eid represents an occasion to revamp their living space with the latest decor. With two children, the Randall family typically expends up to Dh4,000 during the holiday period. The sales are viewed as a boon, allowing them to fulfill their children's needs and enhance their home without straining their finances. In addition, they have scheduled a special photoshoot for their Eid pictures, a cherished family tradition.

Shaima Al-Jali, an Egyptian expat and mother of three boys aged 5, 7, and 11, shared her perspective, highlighting that she spends approximately Dh1,000 on each of her sons post-Eid. This encompasses purchasing clothing, shoes, salon visits for haircuts, and treating them to an Eid excursion, which typically constitutes the major portion of expenses.

During the three-day period, shoppers can benefit from deals on a wide array of items including fashion, beauty, electronics, and homeware, across Dubai's malls and shopping centers. Emirati citizen Sheikha S, a mother of two daughters aged 11 and 13, follows a well-structured approach to Eid preparations. Her daughters are eager to explore the latest fashion and beauty trends, and Sheikha allocates Dh2,000 for each of them, emphasizing the importance of maximizing the benefits during significant sales.