For Sgt Muhammad Ateeq, a first responder in Dubai, every second on the job is crucial. "The moment we get reports from the operations room, we transform into first responders and decision-makers. Our response time is 2 minutes and 45 seconds," Sgt Ateeq explained to Khaleej Times, highlighting the intense pressure and challenges faced by the police's emergency response team. Often, lives are at stake, noted the officer from Rashidiya Police Station. "We handle all kinds of critical reports, from murder and kidnapping to severe accidents and large fires — all demanding immediate action," he added. Sgt Ateeq, who joined the police force in 2009, was recognized as one of the top patrol officers for the first quarter of the year in May. Safety is paramount for these officers, as Sgt Ateeq emphasized, "In case of an accident, self-protection is essential, yet we must remain vigilant to every detail." Recently, a Dubai Police officer, Adel Ahmed Mohammed Ghareeb from Bur Dubai Police Station, was commended for his bravery after rescuing a driver from a burning car, despite sustaining a torn ankle ligament. Currently on desk duty until his injury heals, Ghareeb expressed gratitude for the support from Dubai Police, who provided access to top doctors. Handling high-pressure situations calmly is another challenge. Sgt Ateeq recounted an incident where a father, distressed over his son's car accident, resisted the rescue efforts. "In this role, maintaining calm is crucial, no matter the situation," he said, noting how they eventually reassured the father. Dubai Police officers are trained for all scenarios. "As the first on scene, we assess emergency needs," Sgt Ateeq stated. "In the field, one person often does the work of seven. It's tough and risky, but we must stay calm and empathetic, even under immense stress."