If you reside in Dubai, take a moment to observe the city's skyline, your local area, and your preferred district. Capture a photo if possible, as in a few years, the landscape could be drastically altered due to numerous mega projects underway. Among these, a new airport is planned where passengers can proceed directly from the entrance to the boarding gate without encountering any queues. Additionally, flying taxis are poised to launch soon, and a floating community focused on ocean conservation is in the works. The world has marveled at Dubai's transformation from desert and fishing villages into a colossal metropolis, and with ongoing construction across the city, its evolution continues unabated. Here are some of the projects poised to reshape Dubai:

1. Al Maktoum Airport, once considered remote, will soon become the world's largest and possibly most advanced travel hub. It will be five times the size of DXB and feature a monorail and mini forests, with no queues for check-ins or immigration. Within a decade, all Dubai flights will operate from this mega infrastructure.

2. A Dh355 million project will revamp the popular beaches of Al Mamzar and Jumeirah, introducing a floating pedestrian bridge, over-water decks with eateries, biking tracks, and walkways surrounded by trees, expected to be completed in about 18 months.

3. Dubai Reefs, the world's largest marine conservation initiative, will bloom with over 400,000 cubic meters of reefs, serving as a floating living lab for ecotourism and including residential, hospitality, retail, educational, and research facilities.

4. Palm Jebel Ali, an artificial palm-shaped archipelago, will add approximately 110km of coastline, offering luxury beachside living for 35,000 families with breathtaking waterfalls and lush green spaces.

5. The upcoming Dubai Creek Tower will feature a 'water, colour, and fire' plaza, expected to be a spectacle at Dubai Creek Harbour, potentially becoming the new tallest building.

6. Emaar's Dh1.5-billion expansion of Dubai Mall will accommodate 240 new luxury stores and food and beverage outlets.

7. Vertical airports or vertiports are planned to support flying taxis and cars, expected to be operational by 2025, with terminals near DXB and at Atlantis the Palm.

8. Burj Azizi, set to be the world's second-tallest tower upon completion in 2028, will feature a vertical mall, luxury residences, an observation deck, and a seven-star hotel.

9. Al Wasl Tower, a 302-meter-tall sustainable superstructure, will use ceramic fins on its facade for shade, cooling, and daylight distribution.

10. Ghaf Woods, Dubai's first 'forest living community,' will cover 738,000 square meters, offering over 7,000 homes within a woodland ecosystem.