In the dynamic realm of social media trends, a novel confectionary delight has surfaced from the core of Dubai. Enormous, crisp chocolate bars infused with unique and delectable flavors like Lotus Biscoff, Kunafa (a customary Arabic dessert also known as knafeh), and Karak, are mesmerizing palates and grabbing the interest of culinary aficionados globally.

If global fame were a food, this Dubai chocolate would likely be it. Crafted by FIX Dessert Chocolatier in Dubai, this viral chocolate bar, priced at Dh68.25 plus a delivery charge, has swept social media. Available solely through Deliveroo, the initial chocolate bar that catapulted this local dessert shop to fame was the 'Can’t Get Knafeh of It-Hero' bar, featuring pistachio notes and a harmonious blend of crunchy and smooth textures and flavors.

With recent additions like 'Baklawa 2 The Future' and classics such as Karak, which blend the aromatic spices of the renowned Middle Eastern tea, these substantial bars encapsulate the cultural essence of Dubai in every chocolate-filled bite, unlike any other chocolate you might encounter.

With limited daily ordering slots between 2pm and 5pm and a surge in demand following its social media fame, founder Sarah Hamouda has uniquely positioned Dubai on the global dessert stage through this inventive creation. The 38-year-old British-Egyptian entrepreneur launched the brand in 2021, which gradually gained popularity. A viral ASMR video by TikTok food influencer Maria Vehera in December 2023, viewed over 65 million times, marked the beginning of widespread recognition.

Since then, numerous content creators within and beyond the UAE have documented their reactions to the chocolate bar. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are inundated with reviews and DIY attempts to replicate the chocolate bars at home. The hashtag #ViralDubaiChocolate has amassed millions of views and likes.

Several high-profile celebrities have also contributed to the chocolate bars' viral status. Most notably, fashion and lifestyle mogul Mona Kattan and Dubai Bling’s Ebraheem Al Samadi shared their experiences on social media during World Chocolate Day, praising the chocolate's taste and texture.

The appeal of these chocolate bars has crossed geographical boundaries, with food bloggers and celebrities worldwide joining the trend. From the United States to Europe, content creators are keen to experience the viral chocolate, frequently sharing their experiences and recipes with their followers.

Moreover, it is claimed that visitors are traveling to Dubai specifically to partake in this viral trend and are even requesting friends and family to bring back the chocolate if they visit the city.

As the demand for these chocolate bars escalates, many enthusiasts are opting to recreate them at home. DIY videos and tutorials are emerging across social media platforms, with creators experimenting with various fillings and techniques to capture the essence of the original bars.

Local content creators have also joined the trend, attempting to recreate the chocolate bar at home using DIY recipes. Social media influencer Rafeez Ahmed, known as Table For One, was among the first in Dubai to try this, recreating the viral knafeh-flavored chocolate after sampling the original FIX bar.

A spontaneous video by Ahmed and his wife Ashika Mariam, who found the original chocolate too expensive, has garnered over 7 million views on Instagram. Ahmed attributes the chocolate's viral success on TikTok to its distinctive appearance and limited availability, which heightened its hype.

As with any viral phenomenon, numerous creative adaptations of the dessert have emerged, such as Kunafa pistachio cake and cheesy Kunafa bun (Bunafa!). However, the original chocolate bar continues to captivate hearts.

If you wish to try one, be prepared for a potentially delayed response from FIX Dessert Chocolatier due to high demand. The chocolates are produced in limited quantities and often sell out quickly, but the popularity of these viral treats suggests the wait is worthwhile.