Dubai's Chamber of Commerce has officially launched the Dubai Stockbrokers and Investment Services Group, consisting of stockbrokers and investment services community. The aim is to represent the interests of the emirate’s private sector and enhance their role in the economic growth of Dubai.

The Dubai Stockbrokers and Investment Services Group (DSIG) operates under the umbrella of Dubai Chamber of Commerce. This initiative is part of the Chamber's efforts to empower companies across various industries in Dubai and beyond. It aims to advance the interests of the business community and facilitate their participation in the global economy.

Key players in the financial sector, including stockbrokers, investment advisors, fund managers, wealth managers, and private equity managers, play a vital role in the growth of the stock market and the overall economy. Institutional investors have shown significant activity in purchasing stocks, as demonstrated by data from the Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets.

The launch of DSIG coincides with the increasing market capitalization of Arab stock exchanges. The presence of industry leaders at the launch emphasized the group's commitment to shaping a prosperous financial future through ethical practices, advanced technologies, and global collaboration.

The initiation of DSIG has been praised by industry leaders, including Essa Abdulla Al Ghurair, Chairman of Essa Al Ghurair Investment LLC. His commendation highlights the group's vision to contribute to Dubai’s sustainable growth and its role in doubling the city’s GDP by 2033 under the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33).

The UAE has emerged as a significant driver of the financial upswing in Arab stock markets, adding substantial value to its market by the end of 2023. Both the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) and the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) have played pivotal roles in this growth.

DSIG aims to provide a secure platform for investment and is committed to fostering innovation, sustainability, and educational programs. The group is dedicated to facilitating cross-border investments and market expansion, with a strong focus on empowering individuals.

DSIG has appointed Sameera Fernandes as Chairwoman, along with members for vital positions within the group. The launch event, attended by key figures from Dubai Chambers, supports the vision to accelerate economic growth in the emirate through the role of Business Groups and Business Councils.

DSIG's mission to promote sustainable investment, innovation, and financial literacy is complemented by plans to hold an annual investment summit, providing a platform for networking and addressing industry challenges.

The future of investments, particularly sustainable investment, was a key focus of the event. The importance of collaboration among government entities, the private sector, and educational institutions to promote sustainable investment and transparency was emphasized.