Dugasta Properties, a real estate developer based in Dubai, has revealed plans to launch projects worth Dh1.5 billion in the near future. Over 3,000 real estate agents have been enlisted to boost marketing and sales efforts in the upcoming months.

During an event attended by industry leaders and real estate stakeholders, Tauseef Khan, the Chairman of Dugasta Properties, expressed gratitude to the team's collective efforts, emphasizing the significance of teamwork in achieving success.

An incentive program was also announced, offering the opportunity for the top ten salespersons to win super-luxury cars, further motivating the agents to strive for excellence. At the event, five agents were presented with keys as part of this program.

Khan highlighted the company's pride in its accomplishments and the unwavering dedication of its agents, underlining the Dh1.5 billion investment as a significant milestone that reflects their commitment to innovation, quality, and setting new industry benchmarks in the Dubai real estate market.

Dugasta Properties used the event to introduce groundbreaking developments across residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, demonstrating their dedication to innovation and expansion.

Khan stressed the importance of fostering strong relationships with agents and partners, emphasizing the pivotal role of trust and collaborative synergy in Dugasta Properties' continued success.