The MENA region’s impressive expansion is posing a challenge for companies to find skilled talent, especially in specialized fields. According to a report by Zurich International Life in the Middle East, there is a noticeable shortage of professionals with essential skills for key positions. In the UAE and KSA, the talent deficits are approximately 24% and 30% respectively.

David Stockton, CEO of Dulsco Group, highlighted the significant impact of this talent scarcity on business operations in both countries. Established in 1935, Dulsco Group has emerged as a leader in recruitment solutions for people, environment, talent, and energy, catering to government, businesses, and communities in over 70 countries.

Originally focusing on traditional workforce solutions, Dulsco has diversified its services over the last decade, expanding to offer a wider range of solutions. In 1996, Dulsco ventured into environmental management, providing sustainability solutions, comprehensive waste management services, and operations including waste collection, treatment, and disposal for municipal and commercial waste.

Today, Dulsco Environment is a leading provider of solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial clients, serving over 2,200 clients and operating 250 vehicles. With a focus on waste treatment solutions and driven by government initiatives and technology-driven directives, Dulsco Environment has significantly transformed from a waste transporter to a waste treatment provider.

In 2023, Dulsco Environment managed over 1 million tonnes of waste, achieving a diversion of more than 70% from landfills. Its recycling facilities in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain recycled over 500,000 tonnes of construction & demolition waste, preventing over 4,500 tonnes of CO2e emissions. The liquid treatment facility in Jebel Ali, compliant with MARPOL standards, preserved more than 45,000 litres of water in the region in 2023 and handled over 2,000 tonnes of material.

Dulsco has made significant acquisitions in recent years. In 2022, the company acquired Parisima, a specialized talent acquisition company with offices in the UAE and KSA, while strengthening its growth further with the acquisition of Edinburgh-based Advance Global Recruitment Ltd (AGR) in 2023. This strategic move enhances Dulsco’s capabilities and global reach in the energy recruitment sector, aligning with its growth objectives.

Looking ahead, Dulsco plans to focus on a blend of organic and inorganic growth, seeking companies and partners to enhance solutions in both new and existing markets. Stockton emphasized the ongoing commitment to investing in human capital, citing it as a core strategy for existing and new employees supporting their expansion needs.