The Ei ASSET & Ei ASSET Talent Search Awards 2024 night brought together students, parents, and educators to honor the outstanding accomplishments of the brightest young minds and educators in the UAE. Ei ASSET is a globally recognized benchmarking and diagnostic assessment program, while Ei ASSET Talent Search identifies academically gifted students.

This year, 100 esteemed schools in the UAE participated in Ei ASSET, showcasing a commitment to enhancing learning outcomes in collaboration with Educational Initiatives and Sage Educational Consultants. Educational Initiatives (Ei) is dedicated to promoting equitable access to education through educational technology and research since its establishment in 2001.

Ei's endeavors extend to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the USA, encompassing numerous education-related initiatives and benefiting over 15 million learners. Sage Educational Consultants, UAE specializes in children's education and works closely with educational authorities, focusing on external assessments.

The event featured a presentation from Sridhar Rajagopalan, Ei's co-founder and Chief Learning Officer, highlighting Ei's work on assessment reforms and futuristic programs. Rajagopalan praised the students for their remarkable performance, emphasizing the UAE's dedication to nurturing talent and fostering advanced learning.

Savitri Sreevalsan, founder and CEO of Sage Educational Consultants, emphasized the importance of leveraging EdTech to empower teachers and enhance classroom instruction. The event celebrated the exceptional achievements of students and educators, recognizing their perseverance and expertise in shaping future leaders.

The event also welcomed leaders specializing in gifted education from around the globe, highlighting the collaboration and efforts to nurture talent and academic excellence.

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