Inspired by her 85-year-old relative's declining physical and mental health while confined to his home in Dubai, Tamara Binladin opened Elder Square in Jumeirah with the intention of providing care to seniors and reuniting two long-lost friends.

Two friends who had not seen each other for 50 years were joyfully reunited at the daycare centre, an emotional moment that Tamara described as beautiful and heartwarming to witness.

Tamara shared that the center came as an inspiration due to her mother's uncle from Brazil experiencing a decline in health during his visit to Dubai. Recognizing the impact of social isolation and lack of activities on his well-being, she felt compelled to create a vibrant community at Elder Square.

Unlike traditional nursing homes, Elder Square is designed as a daycare center, welcoming seniors of various ages and nationalities, offering a range of activities tailored to their preferences and abilities, from arts and crafts to dancing and karaoke.

With plans to expand and accommodate more participants, Elder Square aims to foster deeper connections among residents through shared interest groups while providing integrated medical services on-site to address their overall needs and well-being.

Tamara highlighted the transformation in the energy and mood of the elderly participants at Elder Square, debunking stereotypes of grumpiness in old age as a result of isolation. The center has witnessed a significant positive shift in attitudes and behaviors, with elderly residents eagerly looking forward to their time at the center.