In the UAE private sector, it’s quite common for employees to pursue side hustles. Recruitment experts emphasize the importance of discussing this with potential employers during the interview process. Kameron Hutchinson, recruitment director at Allsopp & Allsopp, advises job seekers to be transparent during interviews.

Hutchinson suggests researching the prospective employer to ensure alignment with personal goals. He highlights the need for the full-time job to remain the primary focus and urges honesty during the interview. He acknowledges the prevalence of individuals engaging in additional income-generating activities in the UAE private sector and notes the evolving policies that accommodate such initiatives.

Hutchinson, a British expatriate, draws a comparison with the UK work mentality and emphasizes the flexibility and opportunities in Dubai. He also underlines the potential for side hustles, such as managing a social media brand, to complement primary employment.

Nicki Wilson, owner and managing director of Genie Recruitment, observes a growing trend of part-time engagements among younger employees, particularly Generation Z. Wilson advocates for open-mindedness among employers and emphasizes the value of diverse skill development.

She shares insights into the positive impact of secondary occupations, citing a real-life example of how a side business enhanced an employee's networking capabilities. Wilson stresses the importance of balance and organizational skills, highlighting the potential benefits for both employees and forward-thinking employers.