An Emirates plane was involved in a bird strike incident shortly before landing in Mumbai on Monday night. The collision with a flock of flamingos caused damage to the aircraft and resulted in several bird fatalities. The Boeing 777 aircraft, flying from Dubai to Mumbai, hit the flock approximately 300 meters above the ground, resulting in the deaths of 39 birds, according to the Times of India newspaper.

The spokesperson for Emirates confirmed the incident, stating that flight EK508 from Dubai to Mumbai on May 20 experienced a bird strike during landing. Fortunately, the plane landed safely, and all passengers and crew disembarked without any injuries. However, the regrettable loss of several flamingos occurred. Emirates is cooperating with the authorities regarding this matter.

Due to the damage sustained by the aircraft, the return flight scheduled for May 20, which was supposed to depart for Dubai, had to be canceled. Local media images showed officials carrying bloodied flamingos, which migrate to the city every winter from the neighboring state of Gujarat.