Referred to as 'art of h', an Emirati woman is gaining prominence in the art scene with her alluring mural creations that embellish public areas throughout the UAE, such as bus terminals. Initially aiming to pursue fine arts, Hind's innate talent for sketching steered her towards specializing in graphic design during her university studies, a discipline she feels enhances her artistic abilities.

"I recognized my fondness for drawing at an early age, inspired by my mother's zeal for art and being part of a family that values the arts," Hind recounted in a conversation with Khaleej Times. Her venture into mural art commenced with notable early acknowledgment. "My inaugural mural endeavor was commissioned by the late Sheikh Hazza bin Sultan Al Nahyan, where I was chosen from among Emirati artists to enhance Al Samha city," Hind mentioned. Despite the obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hind remained steadfast, rejecting electronic submissions and personally completing five murals.

Her murals feature culturally significant icons, visuals, and patterns that carry profound significance in the UAE – ranging from the rolling golden sand dunes to the uncomplicated life of Bedouins. Reflecting on her preferred project, Hind expressed her excitement about her partnership with Abu Dhabi Municipality, where she painted bus station canopies. "The team's backing and the excitement of working at such elevations in public spaces were truly thrilling," she remarked. However, Hind acknowledges that mural art comes with its own challenges. "The complexity often stems from painting on vast surfaces using electric lifts and ensuring accurate measurements are followed for flawless execution," she elucidated.

When queried about the duration required to finish a mural project, she explained that the timeframe varies depending on the size, the volume of work, and the intricacies in the painting. She noted that it also hinges on the artist's mood. For example, her extensive project in Al Samha took her less than a month, whereas the mural at the Dubai Police Rescue Centre spanned two weeks. Looking ahead, Hind aspires to secure certification as a mural artist for governmental bodies, aiming to establish her own firm specializing in murals and fine arts.

Her perseverance and commitment have garnered her accolades, including commendations for her steadfast dedication during demanding projects. "I encountered unforgettable challenges, such as painting in the blistering summer heat while donning a mask and regularly sanitizing tools due to pandemic concerns," Hind remembered. Hind conveyed that her field is a passion and she deeply loves it. She affirmed, "Sometimes, even the heat doesn't feel like a challenge because, thankfully, I genuinely enjoy what I do." Hind attempts to take breaks in air-conditioned areas and typically prefers to work in the evening, although she often requires daylight to discern the details in her paintings.