Dubai-based Emirati cousins Ali Makki, Ali Hassoun, and Mohammed Hassoun have united to forge a sustainable future via their enterprise, Kilimanjaro Energy Group. Ali Makki hails from a lineage of pearl traders spread across the UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain, evolving from modest Arabian pearl merchants known as Tawash to proprietors of extensive conglomerates in sectors like banking, automobiles, real estate, jewelry, hotels, and more. At 29, Ali Makki, a graduate in energy engineering from Pennsylvania State University and founder of Kilimanjaro Energy Group, is affiliated with the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Chambers and has been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 in the Middle East. Mohammed Hassoun, Managing Partner at Kilimanjaro Energy Group, expressed, “Our long-standing friendship has revealed a shared vision and unwavering trust, essential for any successful venture. By combining our complementary skills, we aim to achieve our goals, ensuring personal fulfillment and sustaining our family legacies, all supported by the UAE’s conducive business environment.” The cousins established Kilimanjaro Energy Group, which inked an MoU with Skyworth Group on June 20, witnessed by the Dubai Chambers and the People's Government of Guangming District of Shenzhen. The agreement aims to jointly develop and promote new energy projects in the Middle East and Africa. Skyworth, with robust supply chain integration and digitalization expertise, is poised to offer solutions and technical support for the photovoltaic industry. Kilimanjaro Energy Group specializes in renewable energy projects across Africa and the Middle East, boasting extensive experience and resources. Skyworth PV and Kilimanjaro Energy Group, facilitated by the Guangming District People's Government of Shenzhen, plan to collaborate deeply in photovoltaic and energy storage projects, advancing green energy in the Middle East and Africa. Ali Makki emphasized, “At Kilimanjaro Energy, we not only envision change but actively implement it. The transition of traditional oil families to new energy in the Middle East is a testament to this.” His early entrepreneurial zeal, coupled with his GCC market insights, shapes his unique business approach, emphasizing the importance of a team built on core values like inclusivity, innovation, and trust. Reflecting on his return to the desert after Western education, Ali noted, “The warmth of the desert and the desire to apply Western development here, where the nation boasts exceptional talents and visions, drew me back.” Ali Makki also highlighted the UAE’s global precedence in women’s empowerment, advocating for synergy between male and female entrepreneurs for limitless possibilities. Ali Hassoun, the youngest cousin at 27 and Managing Partner at Kilimanjaro Energy Group, cherishes their family business partnership, reminiscing about childhood bonding experiences that have strengthened their ties.