A senior Emirati official has emphasized the urgent need for the establishment and acknowledgment of a Palestinian state as a fundamental resolution to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Speaking at the Arab Media Forum in Dubai, Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, the diplomatic advisor to the UAE President, highlighted that the containment policy had failed to resolve the conflict and stressed the immediate recognition of a Palestinian state.

Dr Gargash criticized the ineffective policy of containment, stating that it had led to oppression, injustice, and prolonged violence, particularly under a right-wing, extremist Israeli government with aspirations for a Jewish state. He emphasized the necessity of taking steps to reassert the right to establish a Palestinian state.

Dr Gargash also noted the growing momentum, with several European countries declaring their support for recognizing the State of Palestine. Ireland, Spain, and Norway have formally acknowledged a Palestinian state in an effort to find a political solution to the conflict and hoped that other Western countries would follow suit.

Furthermore, Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expressed that the recognition was intended to expedite efforts to secure a ceasefire in Israel's conflict with Hamas in Gaza, aiming to strengthen the resolve for a peaceful resolution through collective recognition.

Meanwhile, the UAE welcomed the International Court of Justice's decision to impose additional provisional measures on Israel, demanding an immediate cessation of military operations in Rafah governorate and addressing the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.