Lamia Tariq Malallah, the lone Emirati female rhythmic gymnast in the UAE, is elated following her gold-medal triumph in the recent Gymnastika Solo Cup at the Al Nasr Club in Dubai.

The Gymnastika Solo Cup attracted some of the finest gymnasts from Europe, including national teams from Russia and Belarus. Despite the formidable competition, 13-year-old Lamia delivered an exceptional performance to secure the gold medal.

Speaking to the Khaleej Times, Lamia expressed her joy and the significance of her victory in a demanding contest, highlighting the intense training regimen of her competitors from the Russian national team. Despite their grueling 8-9 hour daily training sessions, Lamia's unwavering self-belief and dedication enabled her to excel, bringing pride to her country.

Lamia's success at the Gymnastika Solo Cup has ignited her ambition to qualify for major events, a responsibility she embraces as the first Emirati female gymnast to reach such heights. This determination drives her aspiration to compete in prestigious competitions such as the world championships and the Asian Games.

As a seventh-grade student at the International School of Choueifat in Dubai, Lamia acknowledges the challenge of balancing her rigorous training schedule with her academic commitments. Despite the difficulties in managing both gymnastics and school work, Lamia's mother, Malak Alfarsi, has been a constant source of encouragement, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing gymnastics.

Alfarsi, who has wholeheartedly supported Lamia's gymnastics journey, envisions the gold medal as a catalyst for her daughter's future success, hoping it will inspire her to persist in pursuing her dreams at the highest level.