Actor Emma Roberts has come to the defense of the superhero film Madame Web, expressing her disappointment over its reception in a climate where internet culture often diminishes creative endeavors. The actress, recognized for her roles in American Horror Story and Space Cadet, discussed her positive experience on the set of Madame Web and her respect for director S.J. Clarkson.

"I genuinely loved Madame Web. I had a great time watching the movie," Roberts stated in an interview with Variety. She continued, "I thought all the actors were fantastic. Director S.J. Clarkson did an outstanding job. She's the main reason I was drawn to this film."

Regarding the negative response the film received, which featured Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Adam Scott, and Zosia Mamet alongside Roberts as Mary Parker, she bemoaned the role of internet culture in shaping public opinion. "Without the influence of internet culture and everything being turned into a joke, I believe the reception would have been more favorable," Roberts argued. She further noted, "This is what frustrates me about many things, including my own work, where people now just turn everything into a joke."

Roberts recognized the unpredictability of audience responses in the film industry and highlighted the challenge of predicting a project's success or failure. "Some projects succeed, others don't. Everyone likes to think they can predict outcomes. But the reality is, you can't," she explained. "Some things perform poorly but then explode on TikTok. Others do well, yet when you watch them, you wonder, 'Did this really do well?'" according to Variety.

The actress showed resilience in the face of criticism and the fickleness of public sentiment. "There's no magic formula," Roberts added, stating, "It's about creating something decent and having it resonate at the right moment. The rest is just hoping and praying. I'm not afraid of failure, nor am I deterred by negative opinions about my work."

Earlier, Dakota Johnson, reflecting on her experience with Madame Web, noted the evolving nature of film projects. "Sometimes in this industry, you commit to a project and it's one thing, but as you make it, it transforms into something entirely different, leaving you wondering, 'What just happened?'" she shared.

Despite the critical reception of Madame Web, Roberts stands firm in her support for the film and its creative team. Meanwhile, her latest project, Space Cadet, is available for streaming on Prime Video, with Madame Web now streaming on Netflix.