During the intense summer heat, people often lower their air conditioner thermostats. Instead, it's recommended to set your ACs at a default temperature of 24°C, which can help save on electricity bills and reduce energy usage. This advice comes from Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation PJSC (Empower), the world's largest district cooling services provider, through its annual summer campaign 'Set at 24°C and Save'. Now in its eleventh year, the campaign runs until the end of summer, aiming to promote sustainability among Empower’s over 136,000 customers. The company encourages customers in both residential and commercial buildings to optimize district cooling by setting their AC thermostats at 24°C in auto mode. This initiative aims to lower consumption bills, protect the environment, save energy, and support a sustainable future. Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO of Empower, noted a growing sense of responsibility among customers towards energy consumption, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices for the community and future generations. Bin Shafar highlighted that setting air conditioners to 24°C in auto mode is ideal for effective and comfortable cooling, reducing pressure on the district cooling network and minimizing power consumption and carbon emissions, thereby helping to combat global warming.