After the introduction of the initial phase of the 'University Certificate Recognition' system, the processing time for certificates from foreign Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) has been cut by 50 percent. Additionally, the number of documents required for recognizing these certificates has dropped by 85 percent. The initial phase also led to a 50 percent reduction in the steps needed for certificate recognition. Over 60,000 students in the UAE are expected to benefit from these updates, as the Ministry of Education (MoE) has recently initiated the second phase of the program.

The second phase of the system will concentrate on recognizing certificates from foreign universities. This new phase is designed to harmonize standards with international university rankings and enhance flexibility. Dr. Hassan AlSayegh, advisor to the MoE and head of the customer experience transformation committee at the MoE, highlighted that the changes in the second phase are intended to streamline the recognition criteria for certificates issued by foreign HEIs, enabling a broader range of academic specializations.

He noted that the ministry has proactively launched the second phase of the 'University Certificates Recognition' system for certificates from foreign higher education institutions (HEIs), informed by user feedback and continuous monitoring and development efforts. Dr. AlSayegh added that this includes increased flexibility in standards, aligned with international university rankings and the standards set by the Ministry. Typically, as the global ranking of the HEI granting the degree rises, the requirements for degree recognition decrease. This is part of the Ministry’s efforts to enhance the quality of higher education outcomes and motivate students to seek high-quality education at top-tier universities.

Dr. AlSayegh emphasized that these outcomes have prompted the Ministry to maintain an agile approach and implement further developments that significantly benefit a larger number of students. With the new updates in the second phase of the system, the recognition requirements for certificates from foreign higher education institutions have been lessened for certain specializations, including Architecture and Built Environment, Computer Science and Information Systems, Data Sciences, Natural Sciences, Education and Training, and Law and Legal Studies.

All relevant information and requirements concerning the 'University Certificates Recognition' system for certificates from foreign HEIs are accessible on the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) website. The Ministry encourages both current and past graduates from foreign HEIs to utilize these new amendments and complete the recognition procedures for their university certificates digitally by visiting the MoE’s website.