Residents of the UAE and expats from neighboring GCC countries can now benefit from priority processing of their United States EB-5 Golden Visas, following recent program reforms. A new reserved visa category has been introduced, especially benefiting Indian nationals who historically faced extended wait times due to high application volumes from India and other regional nationalities.

Furthermore, families now have the option to submit their applications and relocate to the US immediately, a departure from previous regulations mandating petition approval before migration. The allure for expats in Dubai, Doha, and surrounding areas lies in the significant educational opportunities unlocked by the golden visa. Through an $800,000 investment, parents ensure cost-free schooling for their children, extending to low or no-cost university education for teens.

Over the past decade, an increasing number of GCC families have favored sending their children to study in the US. Upon program approval, families gain access to free public school education from Kindergarten through high school graduation. When applying to universities, their children are classified as US residents rather than international students, leading to improved acceptance rates and reduced tuition fees.

In his fifteenth year as a Dubai resident, Ishan Ram, employed by a multinational corporation, aspires to send his two children to US universities. He sought the US Golden Visa to ensure a solid foundation for their overseas studies, mitigating the drawbacks of international student status, which limits post-graduation work opportunities. Filing the family petition under his wife's name aimed to secure Green Cards for both his spouse and children, enabling multigenerational planning and educational expense savings.

Many GCC residents, including Ishan, turned to the American Legal Center in Dubai, featuring a team of US licensed attorneys with a prolific filing history for US Golden Visa applications in the region.

Beyond educational prospects, GCC residents are drawn to the US due to flourishing job opportunities. With unemployment below four percent, US companies face challenges in sourcing skilled workers, favoring US nationals for employment. This underscores the appeal of the EB-5 US Golden Visa, offering parents the chance to pursue US employment or establish businesses.

This program also charts an expedited path to US citizenship and a US passport for the entire family. The coveted US passport holds particular importance for expats as global tensions escalate, with job prospects and salary offers aligning with US passport holders in the GCC region.

The EB-5 program, enacted in 1990 by the US Congress, aims to bolster the US economy through foreign capital infusion and job creation. Requiring an $800,000 investment in pre-approved real estate projects with payment plans, it stands as one of the swiftest and most straightforward paths to acquire a Green Card, granting US residency to a family, including a spouse and children under 21.

The program underwent a comprehensive overhaul with the enactment of the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act in March 2022, introducing pivotal improvements such as concurrent filing, enabling investors to reside and work in the US during the adjudication of their EB-5 applications.

At risk of deportation amid widespread tech sector layoffs, numerous skilled workers, predominantly of Indian origin residing in the US, consider the EB-5 program as a means to continue living in the US without dependency on an employer.

For families seeking to provide their children with a US education, the Green Card presents a gateway to an array of educational benefits, including reduced tuition fees, heightened university acceptance rates, enhanced access to paid internships and research opportunities, government grants, scholarships, and improved post-graduation employment prospects.

Intending to commence a career in the US comes with its challenges in immigration and bureaucratic hurdles, favoring Green Card holders in the US job market due to employers' reluctance in hiring international candidates.

Access to top-notch healthcare in the US, known for its leading hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, is a significant draw for families. Holding a US Green Card ensures access to world-class healthcare and medical advancements.

To embark on the migration journey to the US, individuals can attend the upcoming seminar hosted by the American Legal Center at The Address Sky View Hotel, Downtown Dubai on Sunday, June 2nd at 3:00 pm.