It's typical to concentrate on physical fitness, yet the fast tempo of contemporary existence requires us to also place significant importance on mental well-being. Mental health isn't solely for individuals dealing with mental issues; it's essential for all who engage in daily life. A novel initiative by The Wellbeing Sanctuary, titled Decode You, is designed to address this need. This program was developed following ten years of research on the human mind, body, behavior, and interpersonal connections, aiming to pinpoint the origins of dysfunction. The program isn't suited for the easily discouraged; it includes challenging survival exercises that provoke distress and train the mind to relax. Based on various disciplines like hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, transpersonal regression therapy, trauma therapy, dream therapy, and shadow work, the program progresses through five distinct phases, empowering participants to tackle core issues. “The mind is the most underutilized asset; my aspiration is to instruct people on how to exercise their brains to avert ailments and decelerate aging,” explains Sarmistha Mitra, Holistic Health Expert, Founder & CEO of The Wellbeing Sanctuary. “Our objective is to make mental fitness training universally accessible.”