Dubai always has new and exciting experiences in store for visitors, leaving them longing for more from this vibrant and energetic emirate. If you're considering a trip to Dubai, get ready for a treat. You'll not only have the chance to partake in amazing activities and adventures, but also enjoy the multitude of perks that come with being a tourist in Dubai. Here are some things that will enhance your visit:

Free SIM card

Upon arrival at Dubai International Airport (DXB), you can obtain a free SIM card from any of the telecom operators' counters. 'Du,' a telecom operator in Dubai, offers a complimentary 'Tourist Du SIM' valid for 90 days. This free SIM card includes 1GB of mobile data for 24 hours, making it easier for you to navigate the city, especially if you're traveling alone. Local operators like Etisalat and Virgin Mobile also provide tailored SIM card options for tourists, such as 28-day or 10-day plans from Etisalat and seven or 15-day plans from Virgin Mobile, allowing you to choose based on your specific needs during your stay.

Tourist discount card

Similar to the SIM card, you can receive a free discount card upon arrival at Dubai Airport. By scanning the barcode, you can download the ALSAADA Tourist Card to your phone. After installing the app, input relevant information including your date of arrival in Dubai and passport number. The app will then generate the discount under your name. With this card, you can take advantage of special offers on car rentals, money exchange, bank promotions, and savings on health, beauty-related products, and services.

Tax-free purchase

Visitors in the UAE can enjoy tax-free purchases when they spend a minimum of Dh250. Look for the Planet logo at the store when making a purchase, and request the Planet Tax Free form. Upon presentation of your passport for scanning before payment, a shop assistant will affix a 'Tax Free' tag to the back of the sales receipt. Remember to validate your transaction at the airport within 90 days of the purchase date. However, you must depart the country within six hours of completing the validation process, or else your transaction will be voided.

VAT refund

If you shop at a Planet-partner store, you can request a refund on the VAT paid for purchases made during your stay in the country. Validate your purchase at the airport by submitting your tax invoices and presenting a copy of your passport and credit card. You can claim your refund in UAE dirhams in cash or have it refunded to your credit card. However, note that any consumed products or those not in your possession when leaving the country are not eligible for a refund.

Free parking, taxi discount

Tourists with special needs or people of determination (PoD) can benefit from free public parking across Dubai for up to three months. The service can be applied for via RTA’s website or app, or in-person at any RTA customer happiness centre. Additionally, individuals can avail a 50% taxi fare discount by applying for a Sanad card, a smart card issued for PoD residents and tourists. Applications can be submitted through the Community Development Authority (CDA) official website or CDA Customer Happiness Centre, requiring the presentation of a passport, clear personal photo, and a copy of the medical report or disability card from your home country.