'Fortnite' creator Epic Games accused Apple on Friday of hindering its efforts to establish a games store on iPhones and iPads in Europe, marking a new chapter in their ongoing dispute regarding the tech behemoth's dominance over the iOS app market.

Epic Games disclosed that Apple has twice denied its application for the Epic Games Store, citing similarities between certain buttons and labels in its design and those of the App Store. 'We are employing the same 'Install' and 'In-app purchases' terminology found in various app stores across different platforms, adhering to standard iOS app button conventions,' Epic stated in a series of X posts.

'Apple's denial is capricious, obstructive, and contravenes the DMA (Digital Markets Act), and we have conveyed our grievances to the European Commission,' it added. Amidst pressure from European regulators, Apple had in March allowed Epic to introduce its own game store on iOS devices in Europe.

Neither Apple nor the European Commission promptly addressed Reuters' requests for comment. Epic and Apple have been locked in a legal dispute since 2020, when the gaming company accused Apple of breaching US antitrust laws by imposing commissions of up to 30% on in-app transactions on its iPhone Operating System (iOS) devices.

Earlier this year, Apple suggested modifications to its App Store guidelines to align with certain DMA provisions that took effect in March. The legislation aims to facilitate easier transitions between competing services for European users.