Weekends and holidays in Dubai are always lively and exciting, but they can also be quite crowded. It's understandable that many people seek a change of environment and a more relaxed way to spend their leisure time. Many residents of Dubai prefer to escape the city on a weekend road trip, trading the urban skyline for the beauty of nature. Hatta is a popular destination for such weekend excursions. Now, with the introduction of the Hatta Express Bus, you can enjoy a trip to the highlands of Dubai without the stress of driving yourself.

The Dubai to Hatta RTA bus service offers two distinct routes that will transport you to Hatta and back to Dubai. The first route, known as the 'Hatta Express', departs from the Dubai Mall station every two hours. The Route One (H02) bus operates daily from 7am to 7pm, allowing you to board the bus on any day of the week for a scenic change. The bus provides deluxe coaches, ensuring a comfortable journey straight to Hatta bus station. If you're traveling from a location slightly distant from the Dubai Mall, plan your commute to avoid missing the bus.

The second route is a special tourist service called the 'Hatta Hop on Hop off'. This circular route, Route Two (H04), begins and ends at the Hatta bus station. It operates daily from 7am to 7pm and departs every 30 minutes from Hatta Bus station, making stops at significant landmarks such as Hatta Dam, Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Wadi Hub, and Hatta Hill Park. If you plan to return to Dubai on the same day, ensure you arrive at Hatta Bus Station before 7pm, as that is when the last bus to Dubai departs.

The journey from Dubai Mall station to Hatta bus station takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes. The return trip to Dubai takes the same amount of time, giving you about three hours to relax before exploring Hatta. The Hatta express bus service is not only convenient but also affordable. For Route One, the fare is Dh25 each way. For the 'Hatta Hop on Hop off' route, the fare is Dh2 per bus stop. You can pay for your ride using your Nol card, ensuring it is adequately topped up before your trip. Alternatively, you can pay the driver directly in cash.