Dubai is a popular destination for expats from all over the world. While some come with the intention of settling down in the emirate for a long time, others eventually decide to make their permanent home elsewhere. The decision to stay or leave is a significant one, especially for those who have built their lives in Dubai over the years. Once the decision is made, there are several obligations to take care of before packing up and leaving with years' worth of memories.

Some tasks on the to-do list can be completed quickly, while others may require several months, so it's important to create a timeline and ensure that everything is addressed. From canceling residence visas and terminating contracts to handling utility bills and selling belongings, there are essential steps to be taken before departing the emirate for good.

Canceling your residence visa is a crucial step that signals your intention to make the move. For employed individuals, only the company can initiate the cancellation, and a confirmation letter regarding salary and end-of-service benefits is typically required. If you're sponsoring your family, their visas must also be canceled through an Amer centre or online before your own visa's cancellation is processed.

Terminating a rent contract may involve negotiating terms with the landlord, particularly if leaving before the contract's expiry. Additionally, settling utility bills, clearing fines and debts, closing bank accounts, canceling credit cards, canceling mobile plans, arranging shipments, pet relocation, and selling items that won't be brought along are all important tasks that need to be managed before leaving Dubai.