eToro, a leading trading and investing platform, has teamed up with social media giant X, previously known as Twitter, to release a collection of financial education materials on X. These resources will be distributed via live streaming events, video-on-demand, and audio spaces. The collaboration between eToro and X aims to deliver precise and easy-to-understand investment information through videos, posts, and audio discussions. The initiative will be launched in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UAE, and the US. This expert-driven content will be accessible to all X users, featuring insights and analyses from investment community leaders, discussions on trending subjects and breaking news, and live explanations of investment basics on X.

This partnership complements the renewed title sponsorship for X's real-time Cashtag feature, which offers charting and data from TradingView for a vast array of stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets, along with the option to invest through eToro. A recent eToro survey highlighted a market gap, indicating that 45% of retail investors in the UAE are only somewhat satisfied with the financial education available, and 9% are dissatisfied. Moreover, over 40% of UAE investors use social media platforms for investment research, with more than 41% relying on X as their main source of information.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, stated, “Launching eToro Academy on X underscores the robust partnership we've established and the ongoing expansion of financial investment discussions on X. Our ongoing collaboration will enhance the platform with more high-quality video content, building on our innovations with cashtags and new features.” In 2023, X saw over 1.4 billion posts related to trading or investing, marking a 54% year-over-year increase. The US contributed over 342 million posts, representing less than a quarter (24%) of the global conversation in 2023.

Yoni Assia, Co-founder and CEO of eToro, commented, “We believe in the strength of collective knowledge. This belief drives our social investment platform and our focus on financial education through eToro Academy. We are thrilled to deepen our long-standing partnership with X to offer enhanced financial learning and investment insights on X. We recognize that more individuals are turning to social media for accessible, pertinent financial content, which offers a platform for those previously excluded by traditional channels. Our partnership with X will allow us to provide top-tier financial education to a worldwide audience.”