Dubai-based Saudi doctor Dr. Zainab Alkhamis explores the immense potential of AI and telehealth in pediatric care in her book 'The implementation of telehealth & AI in pediatrics: Smarter solutions for the modern world'. Numerous studies have shown the remarkable outcomes of these technologies, yet they are frequently overlooked and underused in non-specialized medical areas. Dr. Alkhamis's book aims to highlight these studies, showcasing the significant advancements in contemporary medicine. Discussing AI and telehealth in depth, she stated: “Contrary to the common belief that AI will supplant jobs, it is actually meant to assist when used correctly. This book is intended as a guide, emphasizing that it is not about replacing or undermining the incredible skills and dedication of doctors and healthcare providers globally. Instead, it illustrates how they can gain from the introduction of new technologies into the medical field.” Dr. Alkhamis began writing the book some time ago but kept it on hold. She recounts meeting a concerned mother in the neonatal intensive care unit who was anxious about the limited technology available outside hospitals, necessitating frequent hospital visits to monitor her baby. The book presents various innovative solutions to alleviate such concerns. “Initially aimed at motivating medical students to delve into medical innovation, the book now appeals to a wider audience,” she noted. “I hope it inspires others to innovate and use technology.” The book simplifies complex concepts and details through simple anecdotes and stories to aid understanding. It also includes references to studies for further reading, which are recommended but not essential to the context. Dr. Alkhamis concluded, “If you are interested in medical research, innovation, or simply in AI and emerging technologies, this book is for you.”