Did you know that Korean flower teas offer both health and skincare benefits? A recent exhibition by the Korean Cultural Centre in Abu Dhabi showcased the various advantages of South Korean flower teas to around 150 Emiratis and expats. The event, titled ‘Blooms in a Cup: Flower Tea’, provided valuable insights into the diverse uses of flowers in teas, which have gained popularity for their aesthetic and health benefits.

Many Emirati attendees recognized cultural parallels between the UAE and Korea, particularly noting the tradition of sharing tea with loved ones. They displayed keen interest in experiencing the unique flavors and health advantages of Korean flower tea,” shared Ewha Kim, head of media at the centre.

An enthralling floral tea-making demonstration stole the show, captivating all attendees. Of particular fascination was the lotus flower tea, as its magical transformation into a delicious tea through blooming in water left a lasting impression on the audience.

Each flower tea offers distinct health benefits. Lotus flower tea aids in blood circulation, prevents anaemia, and helps with issues such as diarrhoea, hypertension, and headaches. Magnolia flower tea is effective for nasal congestion, sinusitis, and rhinitis, while Korean rosebay flower tea alleviates coughs and clears phlegm. Cherry blossom tea is believed to enhance skincare, addressing conditions like freckles and aiding with hypertension and asthma. Moreover, Marigold tea, with its sweet taste and rich lutein content, contributes to eye health, particularly alleviating dry eyes, and is also beneficial for hypertension, asthma, and stomatitis. The exhibition also featured additional flower teas on display.

To complement the floral teas, attendees had the opportunity to savor traditional Korean rice cakes, perfectly complementing the beverages and offering a delightful taste of Korean culture. The event is scheduled to run until June 13, welcoming community members to delve into the world of Korean teas. For more details, visit the KCC website at https://uae.korean-culture.org