Passports have been checked, and luggage is packed; Gilbert and his family are all set to embark on their journey to Japan for the Eid Al Adha holidays. They plan to depart on Friday, post-work, and return to Dubai after nine days, on June 23. While most residents in the UAE enjoy a four-day holiday from June 15 to 18, Gilbert has secured an extended leave from his company. He is part of the 35% of UAE travelers who have chosen to extend their vacations by 7 to 10 days, as per a study by a Dubai-based online travel agency. Gilbert emphasizes practicality, stating, 'Given the high cost of airfare, it makes more sense to extend the vacation and fully enjoy the destination, seeking new adventures and creating lasting memories, rather than cramming everything into a short span.' This extended period will be deducted from his annual leave.'s recent study highlights that UAE travelers are keen on both short escapes and longer trips, preferring destinations with affordable and straightforward visa processes. Popular choices include Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia in Asia, along with emerging destinations in Schengen countries like Latvia and Slovenia. Abha in Saudi Arabia also offers a cool retreat and cultural experiences for those looking for a quick getaway. reports a varied range of travel preferences this Eid Al Adha, with 45% opting for 4 to 5-day trips and 35% preferring 7 to 10-day immersive experiences. This reflects a growing interest in both brief explorations and extended journeys. COO Raheesh Babu notes a significant surge in travel demand, with increased interest in regions like CIS countries, Far East Asia, Europe, and Africa compared to 2023. Popular short-break destinations for UAE travelers include Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, all within a four-hour flight from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah. Others seek adventure and relaxation in Kenya, Turkey, Bali, and Thailand. As summer arrives, local travelers look to cooler destinations like Abha in Saudi Arabia and Salalah in Oman for the Khareef season. European destinations such as Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Spain, and France are also favored, especially with the upcoming Summer Olympics. Emerging destinations include Latvia, Slovenia, and other Eastern European countries. The USA, along with beach and cultural destinations like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia, remain popular choices. Despite a slight dip in tourism during summer due to weather, inbound tourism to the UAE is expected to rebound after August-September, with significant visitor numbers from India, China, Russia, and CIS countries. Residents also enjoy weekend getaways and staycations at beach destinations like Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.