A Dubai resident recently observed a distressing scene in Discovery Gardens, where a group of delivery riders were aiding a collapsed colleague. Naushad Dhun, an Indian expat and software engineer, witnessed the event on June 23, noting the extreme temperature of 51°C displayed on his car's dashboard. This incident was followed by a similar one in Tecom, Barsha. The National Centre of Meteorology reported temperatures surpassing 50°C for the first time this season, marking the official start of summer in the UAE, with humidity levels expected to reach 90%. In response, UAE authorities have implemented a midday break policy from June 15 to September 15, 2024, exempting certain professions like food delivery services. Over 6,000 rest stations have been established across the UAE to support these workers. However, there are calls for stricter measures to protect riders during peak heat hours, with suggestions for limiting orders per driver and providing additional support and understanding from customers.