As a company dedicated to promoting sustainability, Faham Doors is excited to introduce its new initiative, 'A Tree for Every Door', in collaboration with Abu Dhabi City Municipality. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to environmental responsibility by pledging to plant a tree for each door purchased, emphasizing the tangible impact of embracing eco-friendly practices. The joint effort aims to support the UAE's environmental conservation goals and address climate change. Faham Doors aims to plant 8,000 trees by June, with a long-term goal of 24,000 trees by 2024, building on the 4,000 trees already planted. This initiative is a result of the collective support from Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Faham Doors, and the UAE community, where every door purchase contributes to tree planting.

By choosing Faham Doors, customers not only acquire high-quality interior and exterior doors but also play a part in fostering a sustainable environment for future generations. The company's 10-year manufacturing warranty and 20-year warranty against water and termite damage reflect its commitment to excellence and environmental impact. With a diverse product range featuring advanced specifications such as anti-bacterial, sound insulating, and water-resistant properties, Faham Doors aims to provide innovative design solutions tailored to the UAE.

Customers can monitor the progress of this initiative through Faham Doors' Instagram channels (@fahamdoors), witnessing firsthand the positive influence of their purchases on the environment. For more details, visit and join the movement towards a greener future.