The National Centre of Meteorology reports that the day will generally be fair with occasional partly cloudy periods. Clouds are expected to form in the northern and eastern regions. Light to moderate winds will blow, occasionally strengthening, leading to dust being blown around during the day. These winds will range from 15km/h to 25km/h, peaking at 40km/h. Temperatures are forecast to reach a high of 49ºC across the country, with 46ºC in Abu Dhabi and 44ºC in Dubai. Conversely, temperatures could dip as low as 32ºC in Abu Dhabi, 31ºC in Dubai, and 21ºC in mountainous areas. Humidity will vary between 20 and 55 per cent in Abu Dhabi and between 20 and 70 per cent in Dubai. Sea conditions will be slight in both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea.