Early Wednesday morning in South Africa, a minibus carrying twelve children to school near Johannesburg was involved in a fatal accident when it was struck by another vehicle, causing it to overturn and catch fire, according to government reports.

The minibus driver also perished in the incident, and seven additional children were immediately transported to a hospital, as stated by the Gauteng provincial government. The specific ages of the children were not immediately available. Visual evidence from television broadcasts revealed that the minibus was completely obliterated by the fire resulting from the early morning collision in Merafong, located over 70 kilometers west of the city.

The government's statement detailed that the accident occurred in the Kokosi-Wedela area of Merafong, involving a private scholar transport minibus, which led to the tragic deaths of 12 students and their driver. Furthermore, seven other students were swiftly taken to a medical facility for critical medical care.

Gauteng Education Minister Matome Chiloane expressed deep sorrow over the incident, stating, "This tragic event is profoundly saddening. The loss of our children is a devastating blow to our community, and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased and injured learners."

South Africa boasts one of the most advanced road networks on the African continent but also suffers from one of the poorest road safety records.