Fiorentina are prepared to use their previous loss as a learning opportunity to secure victory against Olympiacos in the Europa Conference League final, said manager Vincenzo Italiano on Tuesday. In the previous year's Conference League finale, Fiorentina suffered a 2-1 defeat against West Ham United, with the winning goal conceded in the 90th minute. They are determined to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Italiano stated during a press conference prior to Wednesday's final in Athens, "The only difference is that we have already encountered certain situations. We have gained some experience, and we need to demonstrate it tomorrow. We cannot afford any errors; we must remain vigilant and focused. We had an unsatisfactory conclusion last year, and we carry that disappointment to ensure a different outcome this time."

For Fiorentina captain Cristiano Biraghi, the last year's final was particularly agonizing, being hit by a thrown cup from opposition fans during the game. However, the memory of the defeat in Prague will serve as motivation for him and the team in Athens. Biraghi expressed, "There was a sense of bitterness, within our team and among those who were present in Prague. We are all determined to rectify a result that was unjust last year. We made more mistakes than West Ham, and we were rightfully penalized. We seek retribution and aim to claim this trophy."

Fiorentina has made comprehensive preparations for the match against Olympiacos, even jokingly mentioning that they brought padlocks and chains to contain Olympiacos' top scorer Ayoub El Kaabi. Additionally, they are ready for a potential penalty shootout. Italiano remarked, "We have practiced penalties, as it could be a plausible scenario. We have several players with the composure to score, having progressed through two rounds of the Coppa Italia via penalties, although we missed some in the league. Whatever it takes, Fiorentina is prepared to leave everything on the field to avoid a repeat of last year."

Reflecting on the past in Prague, Italiano added, "Recalling the expressions on the faces of the lads at the final whistle in Prague, I hope not to witness that again tomorrow. We need to approach this game as if it's the last one of our careers. We cannot guarantee that we will have the opportunity to play in such magnificent stadiums again, and unlike Prague, certain elements are essential. That game inflicted immense pain on us, the entire club, and Florence. We will strive to reverse the situation."