A blaze erupted in a residential high-rise located on Jamal Abdul Nasir Street in Sharjah on Sunday afternoon. The entire structure was swiftly evacuated as multiple civil defence, ambulance, and police units arrived to manage the fire.

The evacuated occupants anxiously observed from the safety of adjacent buildings as emergency services battled to contain the inferno, which ignited at 1pm local time. According to residents, the fire originated on the 11th floor of the 13-story edifice.

“When the alarm bells began to ring, the building was filled with commotion. Someone pounded on our apartment door. Upon exiting, a woman screamed at us to ‘flee’. It was then that we understood a fire had broken out in our building,” recounted AN, a resident of the tower who preferred to remain anonymous.

AN added, “Smoke was quickly spreading and consuming the apartments, causing panic among the occupants. Some residents, who had been showering, emerged in towels. I managed to grab only my mobile phone and fled. We witnessed everyone rushing out, leaving their doors ajar.”

Another resident, MZ, stated, “I was at work when my family alerted me to the fire. I rushed over, and thankfully, they were already out of the building and safely evacuated.”