On Sunday evening, firefighters were actively combating a series of wildfires close to Athens, the Greek capital, as the nation prepares for another intensely hot summer. Greece is anticipating a challenging wildfire season following its warmest winter and earliest heatwave recorded, with temperatures soaring to 44°C.

Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vasilis Kikilias reported late Sunday that two highly dangerous fires in residential areas of Attica, which rapidly spread due to strong winds in Keratea and Stamata, have been addressed. He confirmed that there were no active fronts in Stamata, although minor flare-ups occurred in the eastern part of Keratea. Kikilias emphasized that ground forces would stay on alert throughout the night.

Since midday Sunday, authorities have ordered evacuations in at least eight areas near the capital, where fires have destroyed cars and houses. A 45-year-old man died of a cardiac arrest while attempting to escape the fires in suburban Athens, according to Ert channel. The man was discovered unconscious in the yard of a house in Rodopoli and later died in the hospital.

Fire department spokesperson Vasilis Vathrakogiannis described Sunday as the most challenging day for the Fire Brigade this season during an emergency press briefing. Mayor of Lavreotiki, Dimitris Loukas, highlighted the ongoing difficulties due to persistent strong winds and multiple fire outbreaks, though he noted that a nearby military air base was not at risk.

Wind speeds exceeded 60kmph in Keratea and 70kmph in Stamata, where northerly winds fueled the fires. Additionally, a fire erupted in an industrial zone in Ritsona, filling the sky with black smoke from a recycling factory that burned various flammable materials, including tires and mattresses. Firefighters are working to contain the fire within the recycling plant and prevent it from spreading to other factories.

A large wildfire on Serifos island, which broke out on Saturday, was also contained by firefighters early Sunday. Serifos mayor Konstantinos Revintis reported extensive damage to houses, cottages, warehouses, and chapels, with the fire stopping at the sea in the southwestern part of the island.

The Civil Protection Ministry's Fire Danger Forecast Map for Sunday indicated a very high category 4 risk of fire for Attica, the Peloponnese, Crete, the North and South Aegean Regions, and central Greece. A wildfire on Mount Parnitha, known as "the lungs of Athens," was controlled Saturday evening with assistance from reinforcements and volunteer firefighters.

Over forty wildfires erupted across Greece on Saturday, with wind speeds exceeding 100kmph, according to fire brigade sources. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged Greeks to prepare for a difficult wildfire season in his weekly Facebook post, emphasizing the importance of a new culture of prevention and responsibility.